Watchers, … waiting …, silence …
Mute, but speaking terribly to who knows how to interest them …
From their eyes they follow us as they follow the round of the Moon and the Sun.
From their mouths, they speak to us in silence,
They shout  truths to us that only initiates can listen to …

Failing to hear them …

So we need to understand them…


Group of 4 watchers. 1.90 – 2.10 m.

Wood : Robinia or False Acacia, Robinia pseudoacacia

Tree of the Fabaceae family

Etymology: “Robinier” comes from his “inventor”, Jean Robin, botanist of Henry IV who planted it in Paris, place Dauphine, in 1600. His son Vespasien transplanted it to the Jardin des Plantes in 1632. The oldest in Paris are still The Jardin des Plantes and the square Saint-Julien le Pauvre.

Origin: United States (Virginia).

Group of the studio.

Watchers. Acacia



Small watchers

Between 70 and 90 cm. Acacia, iron forged, leather, acrylic paint.