In his workshop in the heart of Touraine, Patrick Blanchandin sculpts and models matter.

Acacia and iron are the prefered materials of his visual writing.

Born in 1961, he graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Tours in 1986 with the congratulations of the jury at the DNSEP.

After a stay in Canada in 1987, he was very impressed by North American art. He was inspired to create his Watchers who express his inner quest and question our humanity. With gaping mouths, bright colors, and a touch of humor, the Watchers invite us to stop, listen, watch and savor the present moment. But this work also questions the properties inherent in sculpture: base, verticality, materiality, modeling, drawing in space etc.

He also uses the iron work of the forge to express his questions in a visual way. Its tuning forks are like a sound line that resonates and seems to suspend time. “If the mind reasons, the soul resonates” [1]. Like the Tibetan bowls, they keep our mind alert during the short time of resonance.

[1] François Cheng, Open Eye and Beating Heart, 2011

2019 (31 august – 15 september) – Biennale Sculpt’en Sologne. Chaumont-sur-Tharonne.

2019 (29 june-12 july) -Interactive Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture in Bourgogne. Nolay .

2019 (18 may – 1er july)- Exhibition in the  park of la Branchoire, Chambray les Tours.

2019 (1er may – 12 may) – Exhibition at the Pressoir. Chédigny. With Marie-Hélène Bourquin, painter.

2019 (26 april – 28 april) – Biennale XL Art, St Antoine du Rocher.

2019 (12 february – 17 february) – Art Capital, Salon des Indépendants, Grand Palais, Paris.

2018 (1 december -16 december) – Exhibition “Origines”, Artothèque, Hotel Goüin, Tours.

2018 (25 october  – 28 october) – Salon d’automne, Champs Élysées, Paris.

2018 (21 september – 23 september) – Four corners for small pieces, La Baraudière, Chambray les Tours.

2018 (15 september – 18 september) – Heritage Days, Château de Mosny, St Martin le beau.

2018 (18 july – 4 august) – MACS Montbazon, in collaboration with the painter Boud’one

2018 (30 june – 1 july) – Salon d’Arts Plastiques, guest of honour in sculpture, Richelieu.

2018 (12 may – 21 may) – Biennale of Contemporary Art, Greenhouses of the Tuilerie, Savonnières.

2018 (15 april – 22 april) – Salon du Ripault, CEA de Monts.

2018 (30 march- 15 april) – Exhibition Artothèque, Parc de la Perraudière, St Cyr sur Loire.

2017 (October) – Participation in the Salon d’Automne in Paris.

2017 (September 9-10) – Exhibition of Hell in Paradise in Savonnières (37), Rue du Paradis.

2017 (1st-13th July) – Participation in the “Interactive Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture of Bourgogne“, in Nolay (21).

2017 (3 June-17 September) – 3 Watchers in residence at the Arboretum de Veigné (37) as a part of the “Rendez-Vous aux Jardins” organized by the Ministry of Culture.

2016 (October-December) – Exhibition at CDI of Lycée Grandmont in Tours (37), and intervention with the final year option Arts Plastiques.

2016 – (September) – Exhibition at the Didier Boud’1 workshop, as a part of the open days of artists’ workshops in Tours (37).

Since 2015 – Member of the Artothèque Center Val de Loire.

2015-2016 – Collaboration with «ARSELOU» 32, rue de Penthièvre 75008 Paris (rent of works of art).

2013 (June) – Group exhibition of the former students of the Beaux Arts of Tours (37).

2000 (May) – Personal exhibition at the CFA of cleanliness in Tours (37) through a pedagogical project, awareness of Art, apprentices of this professional sector.

1991-2017 Teacher in Visual Arts.

1988 – Five pieces in the collection C.A.V.I.A.R: «Collection Animated Living Art» Peyrehorade (40) near Dax. (Currently QUASAR Collection).

1988 (May) – Participation in the exhibition “IN’EX 88” in La Riche, near Tours (37).

1987 (February) -Participation in a group exhibition in Toulouse (31).

1986 (September) – Participation in the exhibition “Jeune sculptureParis Austerlitz.

1986 (June) – Admitted to the DNSEP with the congratulations of the jury.

1986 (May) – Participation in the exhibition “Jeune sculptureParis Austerlitz.

1985 (November) – Participation in the exhibition «Tenue de rigueur» painting sculpture in Tours (37).

1985 (April-May) – Stay at the Edinburg College of Art with a scholarship in the sculpture department.

1981-1986 – Fine Art studies at the ESBA of Tours. (Higher School of Fine Arts)